Please see below some Frequently Asked Questions to assist members and their guests for the return to our venue. 

Please remember as you prepare your return to our venue, that the measures above have been put into place by the NSW Government to assure all our safety and our staff are only doing their job as they try to follow these rules. Let's all treat each other with respect and enjoy the freedoms we have all been waiting so long for!

We are subject to certain rules as directed under the Public Health Order:

  • Members and Guests must provide personal contact details via the Service NSW QR Code


My membership expired when we were in lockdown, what happens now? 

Those who were due to expire in July, August, September and October have been extended to 30 November 2021. If your membership expired on 30 June 2021, you can still renew as normal online or in venue. 

Was my membership extended for 1 year?

As a gesture of goodwill, all current memberships as of 30 November 2021 have been extended for a period of 1 year. Please note that if your membership was due to expire in July, August, September and October, and received an extension to 30 November 2021, you will also receive an extension of 1 year to your membership.

How can I renew? 

You can renew via our online Member Portal or when you're next in venue. 

My birthday points expired when we were in lockdown, can I still use them? 

Yes we have extended Birthday Points of those with a birthday from June - October until 31 December 2021. 

When do Bonus Points expire? 

Bonus Points were due to expire on 30 June 2021 but we have been extended to 31 December 2021. 

I was awarded $5 off or $10 off for renewing, what happened to those vouchers? 

The vouchers are reissued from Monday 11 October and you will have 60 days to use this. 


Please tell me more about the High Voltage Promotion.

This promotion has been postponed until 2022, you will still have the same chances of winning the Tesla in the new year!

Will promotions such as Bingo or Trivia be on when you reopen?

No, at this point we will be reopening without any additional promotions. 


I still have questions, where do I go?

The websites for each of our venues have the most up to date information for what's on. Keep an eye on our social media pages to see what's coming up. If you want to contact us, please click here. 

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